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    The hot tub cover is one of the most important purchases you can make for your hot tub. It is vital for keeping spa water warm, and friends and family safe. SpaEase covers feature thick insulation to save on energy so your hot tub costs less to operate. A SpaEase cover is strong and durable, designed to be safer and last longer than any other cover made.

    1.6mil Heat Sealed Polyethylene Foam Protection

    Protecting the foam core from water vapor is the key to longevity and thermal integrity of your cover. Polyethylene is a specially formulated material that resists water vapor transmission and is heat sealed to our foam.

    2.Foam Core

    The density and the thickness determine the efficiency, the longevity, the weight load, and most importantly, the safety of the cover.

    3.Padded Handles

    For added convenience, handles should be located on all sides along with the interior.

    4.Locking Straps

    Straps with lock attachments are necessary to prevent intruders and restrict wind damage.

    5.Vinyl Exterior

    All SpaEase covers come with marine grade vinyl which includes mildew and UV resistance.

    6.Perimeter Apron

    Our longer perimeter apron helps lock in the heat and keep the dirt out.

    7.Heat Seal Gasket

    A padded gasket is the most important feature in reducing the heat that escapes from the fold in your cover. Standard covers neglect to install this important element.

    8.Steel Center Support

    All SpaEase covers include a 20-gauge galvanized steel support to provide added strength.

    9.Dual Stitching

    SpaEase covers include both bottom and top stitching to protect and add beauty to the vinyl cover. Triple stitching on heavily abused handles and straps provides tear.

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